Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Horror Stories

Blue Chablis in Catalina 2, originally uploaded by floyd_noise.

Horror stories eh?
Which one to tell, I got me about a million of them :>

Almost overboard in the Yucatan
The lovely smell of deisel in the morning (tanks full of salt water)
How do you get out from under a towed captzized dingy?
Holding 20,000 lbs off the dock in Belize in a Biama (south wind)
Finding your way home drunk in the dark thru the reefs in Roatan
Anchoring in Carretes Mexico
You mean I gotta hitchhike 20 miles to clear my boat in?
The tale of the never ending high pressure fuel pump leak
Rescue from a nighmare in Costa Rica
Dragging in Golfito Costa Rica
How many batteries can you buy that will last more than 2 months here in Mexico?
Almost broadsided in Panama in a whiteout
Injured in Guatamala
Towed up the Rio Dulce in Guatamala
Draggin anchor in Guatamala
Revenge of the Bozo Cowboy in Rio Dulce
1000 ticks on your body in Honduras
1000 trips to Guatamala City for fuel pump and starter
Shearing the chain plate in Belize
Realizing that the Mast is trying to come thru the cabin top
Lugging 1000+ lbs of gear from Maryland to the Rio Dulce
Enjoying ameboes underway
Shearing the Speader off in Belize
Shearing the Bobstay in Florida

Sliding off the road towing Blue Chablis in a snowstorm at 13000 ft

I know there is more, makes you wonder why we do it

Then again, there was Heather's bare breasts in the Tropical sun
There was the best tasting rum and lemon juice ever drunk under a setting sun
There was white sand, crystal clear water and adventure around every turn

I guess I am ready fer more

When do we go?

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Vicki said...

Our next small adventure will be to Maui . . . can't wait!